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3D Printing

Our mission

Our goal is to revolutionise the way we use the ground making foot pain and tissue damage a thing of the past.

Please note: This is NOT a treatment or product available currently. 3D printing is in the research and develop stage and is NOT for patient use at present

Utilising the latest in 3D scanning and printing technologies to enable a mass customised Engineer-to-Order manufacturing platform for Patient Matched Devices. Making it a cost effective and viable solution to the current issues around bespoke patient matched medical devices.

Existing principles and materials have not evolved much since the late 70’s and are surprisingly still not a true accurate reflection of the sole surface. CNC machines have poor tolerances, produce massive waste products and require timely casting, scanning and fitting.

We want to make bespoke medical devices widely available to those who need it the most, with faster processes of measuring, manufacturing and choices of function and aesthetics. Better fit and conformity, cheaper, faster.

  • €312 million Cost to treat foot pain in Europe per annum.
  • 1 million Patients treated for heel pain alone.

The global prevalence of Diabetes by 2030 is predicted to rise to 336 million people .

Our technologies aim to lower the Incidence of global Diabetic Foot Ulceration (DFU) that may lead to amputation and reduce the impact of painful foot and ankle conditions.

The SoleMimic is a bespoke biometric customised orthotic device which engages each individuals conformity & anatomical variation to exert an intuitive foot-ground reaction. SoleMimics response is selected by the Biomechanical, Environmental and Physical requirement placed upon it. The ʻSMSʼ orthotic device attenuates and reacts to this demand or the physical properties presented to it.

  • Reduces fatigue and provides energy reimbursement
  • Highly flexibility and impact absorbent
  • Diabetic Plantar Pressure offload
  • Anti-Microbial and Micro-organism Resistant (Full Spectrum)
  • Highly personalised aesthetics
  • Ease of Duplication or reconfiguration
  • Design optimisation and customisation
  • Suitable for Sterilisation/Decontamination
  • Embedded feedback sensors (Phase 2).
  • Meet Regulatory requirements and Approvals: – USP medical Class VI (Bio-compatible skin safe) – EC and FDA approval (Grade 1-3 Medical Device Categories)