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Specialist Services

Nail Surgery

Full and Partial Nail avulsions can be performed under local anaesthesia at our Chipping Norton clinic. 

We provide a Nail surgery care package which includes surgery, anaesthesia and follow up redressing.

Prices vary depending upon the type of procedure and the number of toes operated on. Please book an initial appointment to establish the kind of procedure needed.

Biomechanics/ musculoskeletal assessment

Assessments can be carried out for a range of different complaints such as: Plantar Fasciitis (Heel pain), Achilles tendonitis, repetitive sports injury, shin splints, knee and hip pain and many more.

Full static non weight bearing and static weight bearing assessment will be carried out including examining posture, Gait analysis can be carried out within the clinic.

Advice can also be given regarding stretching and stabilising work and core stability.


A range of orthotics are available at all clinics sites from simple insoles, over the counter type device to completely bespoke orthotics. We provide different treatment packages depending on the type of orthotic you require we recommend that you request a biomechanical assessment for your initial appointment which is one hour.

Please ensure that you bring your normal day to day shoes, your sports shoes and a pair of shorts or loose fitting trousers (that will roll up past the knee) to your first appointment.
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