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Chiropody/ podiatry

Corns and calluses are caused by repeated micro trauma or pressure on the skin of your foot.

They may occur when bones of the foot press against the shoe or when two foot bones press together. Common sites for corns and calluses are on the big toe and the fifth toe. Calluses underneath the ends of the foot bones (metatarsals) are common. Soft corns can occur between the toes.

Treatment involves relieving the pressure on the skin, usually by reducing the hard skin or enucleating the corn this is done most effectively by a Podiatrist. Modifying footwear can also help, choosing shoes with a deep toe box, wide fitting and supportive can relieve the pressure on sore feet. Pads or insoles to relieve the bony pressure are helpful, but they must be positioned carefully. Rarely surgery is necessary to remove a bony prominence that causes the corn or callus.
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